Q & A with featured SMITH: Lara Gorlach

Lara draws inspiration from organic forms, juxtaposed with solid lines and clever repeat shapes.  All her products are designed, printed and made in the UK.

What's your favourite design? This is a tough one. I love mixing up all my patterns, but if I had to choose at the moment my new botanical leaf design.

What’s your biggest source of inspiration? Exploring new places if it’s a city or countryside walk…everywhere I go I see shapes, forms, lines, reflections that make exciting new pattern designs. 

What’s exciting you in design at the moment? I am forever passionate about all things pattern, however I am now moving a little into clay and am very excited with the prospect of combining the two. Watch this space… 

Who inspires you creatively? I started my screen-printing workshops just before Christmas last year and I don’t only find these hugely rewarding but they are really inspiring and I am always so impressed and amazed at everyone’s creations. I am always and forever inspired by so many forms of art and nature. A never ending list of designer makers that inspire me. A few of my favourites: Matisse, Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent, Sonia Delaunay, William Morris, Josef Frank and My Mother.

Favourite place to visit? Everywhere in Italy and Porto (Portugal) is a fantastic city. I can never get enough of all those tiles!!!

Can’t live without…..Fresh air and being creative :)

Gemma Smith