Q & A with featured SMITH: Ruby Cubes


Artist Jessica Geach founded Ruby Cubes in 2015. She produces beautiful 3D objects that are both tactile and purposeful. Her studio allows her to fully explore her lifelong passion for textiles and it is based on the idea of experimenting and exploration.

What's your favourite design? Ooh that's a toughie, it's really hard to choose just one but I think the flat bowls are my favourite because they are really satisfying to make and they are so purposeful.


What’s your biggest source of inspiration? Honestly this changes regularly, but I always come back to nature. The colours of landscapes and textures I find in nature are always exciting to explore

What’s exciting you in design at the moment? I'm working much more texturally, which is adding a different dimension to my current work, creating an extra level of tactility which is really satisfying.

Who inspires you creatively? This may sound odd but I'm actually really inspired by musicians. For me it's all about the journey I'm taking as an artist and I can see that same desire exists in a lot of musicians too. Bowie is a classic example of an artist who lived for reinvention, experimentation and moving forwards. That's really inspiring to me and encourages me to keep moving forwards on my own path.

Favourite place to visit? The beach - I'm super lucky to live near an abundance of beaches in South Devon, Wembury is one of my faves though

Can’t live without….. Ha, I should say something meaningful here or choose one of my tools, but actually what I want to say is chocolate and black coffee.

Gemma Smith